Kruskal Wallis test in one-way ANOVA

Kruskal Wallis test in one-way ANOVA (By R-bloggers)

Kruskal Wallis test in R, Kruskal Wallis test is one of the frequently used methods in nonparametric statistics for analyzing data in one-way classification.

It is equivalent to a one-way analysis of variance in parametric methods.

When we test the identicalness of the k population from which the independent samples have been drawn. There is no restriction of sample sizes.

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Mainly Kruskal Wallis test is based on the following assumptions.

  1. The observations are independent within and between samples.
  2. The variable under study is continuous
  3. The populations are identical in respect to the median.

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Ho: All the populations are identical

H1: At least one pair of the population do not have the same median.

The test statistic is approximately distributed as chi-square with (k-1) degrees of freedom. , subject to the condition n should be large or at least n should not be less than 5.